Cuda Blox Unisex Bike - Green/Blue- 16"

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Cuda Blox Unisex Bike - Green/Blue- 16"

Cuda Blox bikes feature lightweight alloy frames with correct rider geometry, v-brakes with short reach levers and adjustable handlebars so the bike can grow with the child.

These bikes are designed to help any child enjoy cycling!


  • Alloy frame
  • V-brakes on a 16” wheel with short reach brake levers
  • The saddle is scaled down to fit and comes with a micro adjust seat post to fine tune the riding position
  • Kenda tyres which have low rolling resistance to make cycling easier
  • Stabiliser are not supplied but the axles have been produced long enough for these to be fitted if require. 
  • Fully enclosed chain guard to keep those fingers safe and trousers clean
  • Weight: 9.5kg


When choosing your child a bike it is important to get the right size for a safe and comfortable ride.
Model Min Saddle Height Max Saddle Height Wheel size
Runner 36cm 43cm 12″
Blox 12″ 43.5cm 49cm 12″
Blox 14″ 45cm 53cm 14″
Blox 16″ 48.5cm 63cm 16″
Mayhem 60cm 73.5cm 20″
Energy 60cm 73.5cm 20″
Kinetic 24″ 67cm 85cm 24″
Kinetic 26″ 73.5cm 89cm 26″




Wheel size

3 to 4

Under 100cm


4 to 5

100cm to 120cm


6 to 8

120cm to 135cm


8 to 12

135cm to 145cm


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